Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Patent or Not To Patent

I wanted to discuss where we are in the patent process. So here it is.... we haven't even started!

After reading the Mom Inventors Handbook,, we decided to put our money into paying an engineer to design our product, and then market it.

Remember, we had spent five years watching our other ideas going on store shelves!
Before dishing out money for an engineer, however, we first went through all patents and pending patents on the government's website. The link is conveniently listed for you to the right, fourth one down, under "helpful sites."

After making sure we were good to go, we then began combing the internet for information about engineers. I guess you could call this our beginning stage of "not knowing what to do!"

Update on the engineer...he's paid! Now, we await the arrival of our prototype for Cindi. We are also getting a CAD, which in my mom's mind is like a fancy 3D ultrasound of my baby!

I'll blog about that another time.....

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