Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Cindi Arrives from the Hospital, a.k.a. Manufaturer...

I hope we can have our logos designed by this artist!

Valeria Roncoli

Monday morning, I woke up to see that this Tweeter was following me. How incredibly honored I am too!

Immediately, I forwarded it to Jordan to tell her I found exactly the kind of art I love for marketing, brand logos, store room designs, etc! Jordan has always known that I had another favorite, which I had dreamed of being able to ask to design something for me!!

But, wow!! One look at Valeria's site and I was in love! Why have I switched allegiance you may ask? It's fairly simple and will make even more sense if you read my post on who our invention, Cindi, is intended for....Valeria doesn't design one woman! She creates women of all shapes, sizes, colors and ethnicities! If you have ever tried to find graphics on-line, you know this is not easy! They don't really seem to be out there.

While I would love for you to think that I look just like my Twitter avatar, I haven't been that size since junior high! Sadly, I've felt hotter as my avatar, than I have as myself in a long time. But, I think Valeria has a knack for making every woman feel beautiful! Don't believe me? Check out the sassy quips her voluptuous nude-beacher makes and you'll feel OK about having that slice of cheesecake!

I highly recommend checking out Valeria's website. It is full of information, eye-candy and shopping opportunities. There is even video that I bet would be useful for anyone about to take their product to market!

Before I go back to peruse her site myself, let me leave you with another one of her pieces with comedic advice....

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